Multidisciplinary Canadian artist, Kate MacDonald, is a New Brunswick transplant to Vancouver. Her paintings, digital collages and video art have been exhibited throughout North America and Europe and her paintings have been featured in Wired (US and Italian editions) and GQ magazine (South Korea and India editions). She is currently represented by the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, where she was selected as one of Ten Artists to Watch in 2012. She collaborates with Vancouver-based artist Leslie Sears under the name K8L35.

Other Works
Video - K8L35


BorderBody. Mixing Identities, International Art Expo, Almeria, Spain 2014
BorderBody. Mixing Identities, International Art Expo, Bari, Italy 2014
Black & White, Propeller Centre for Visual Arts, Toronto, ON 2014
Immoderation, Living Arts Centre, Mississauga, ON 2014
Border Body, Bari, November-December 2013
Bideodromo 2013, Bilbao, Spain, November 2013
Recent Landscapes, UWC Hycroft Manor, Vancouver Aug 2013
Liquid Identities, Bari, Italy July/August 2013
Meaning in Motion Looping Video Art, LACDA, Los Angeles, CA July 2013
Transitory, Leigh Village Arts Square, Port Coquitlam Jun 2013
Liquid Cities & Temporary Identities, Espoo, Finland June 2013
9th Anniversary Exhibit - LACDA, Los Angeles, CA Apr 2013
FIVAC Festival, Camaguey, Cuba, Apr 2013
Hybrid Identities,Old Ambulance Depot, Edinburgh, UK Mar 2013
Food, Gallery 78, Fredericton, NB Feb 2013
ID/Identities, KOZA Visual Arts Society, Istanbul Nov 2012
Last Meals (Solo), STU Yellow Box Gallery, Fredericton, NB Oct 2012
Bideodromo, Bilbao, Spain Oct 2012
Strange Glue: Collage at 100, Thompson Gallery at CSW, Weston, MA Sep-Nov 2012
Liquid Identities, Venice, Italy Sep 2012
Libraries 2, Budapest, Hungary Aug 2012
Doing Your Dirty Work, Center for Sex & Culture, San Francisco, CA Aug 2012
Ten Artists to Watch, LA Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles, CA Jun 2012
Confessions of a... Hangman Gallery, Toronto, ON Jun 2012
Alumnus Show, Hillyer Art Space, Washington, DC Jun 2012
Hidden Cities, KOZA Istanbul, Turkey 2012
8th Anniversary Retrospective, LA Center for Digital Art Los Angeles, CA 2012
Hidden & Forbidden Identities, International Art Expo Venice, Italy 2012
moments (re)collected, LabSpace Studio Toronto 2011
Top 40 2011, LA Center for Digital Art Los Angeles, CA 2011
The Contemporary Woman, Maynards Vancouver 2010
Fleeting, Britannia Art Gallery Vancouver 2010
Eco Madness, Gallery Gachet Vancouver 2010
Postcards from Dystopia, Nolias Gallery London, UK 2009
Gasoline Romance: W & the Cityscape, Canvas Gallery Vancouver 2008
A Prognosis of Death, Coburn Gallery Ashland, OH 2008
The Reincarnation of W: W Lit, Gallery Gachet Vancouver 2007
Crossroads II Hartford, CT 2007
\Vancouver (Solo), Langham Cultural Centre Kaslo, BC 2007
Justice For All, Texas State Capitol Building Austin, TX 2007
blow up, Stay Gold Gallery Brooklyn, NY 2007
Justice For All, M2 Gallery Houston, TX 2007
Been There, CityScape Art Space North Vancouver 2006
World Mad Pride, Gallery Gachet Vancouver 2006
Justice For All, Gallery Lombardi Austin, TX 2006
\Vancouver (Solo), Britannia Art Gallery Vancouver 2006

Pixels of Identity, Mixer gallery, Avatar (in White), Istanbul, Turkey 2014
Resonance, Lovebomb, Return to Bre/Men, Richmond, VA 2014
BorderBody. Mixing Identities, International Art Expo, Return to Bre/Men, Almeria, Spain 2014
BorderBody. Mixing Identities, International Art Expo, Return to Bre/Men, Bari, Italy 2014
Galeria sztuki Współczesnej MD_S, Return to Bre/Men, Wrocław, Poland, 2013
MECA Mediterráneo Centro Artístico, Return to Bre/Men, Almeria, Spain, 2013
Bideodromo, Return to Bre/Men, Bilbao, Spain, 2013
Toronto Independent Film Festival, Drawbridge, Toronto, ON, 2013
Border Cities & New Identities, Return to Bre/Men, Suceave, Romania, 2013
Meaning in Motion, LACDA, Return to Bre/Men, Los Angeles, CA, 2013
Liquid Borders, Return to Bre/Men,Bari, Italy , 2013
Liquid Cities, Return to Bre/Men,Espoo, Finland, 2013
FIVAC Film Festival, Return to Bre/Men, Camaguey, Cuba, 2013
Hybrid Identities, Old Ambulance Depot, Return to Bre/Men, Edinburgh, UK, 2013
Bideodromo Film Festival, Walking the Satellites, Bilbao, Spain, 2012
Liquid Identities, Walking the Satellites, Venice, Italy, 2012

Last Meals, Catalogue, October 2012
Strange Glue, Catalogue, September 2012
GQ India, Rachel Zurer, November 2011
Unreal, Catalogue, 1650 Gallery, November 2011
GQ South Korea, Rachel Zurer, October 2011
U’Aird Italia, Rachel Zurer, September 2011
HVG, Halálraítéltek utolsó vacsorája – fotó, September 2011
Wired Magazine Rachel Zurer, August 2011
The Contemporary Woman, Catalogue, Maynards Fine Art, September 2010
This Little City, November-December 2009